Could You Get Over 44% Sales Boost By Doing This...?

Robert Plank
Robert Plank

"Boosted sales by 44.4%"

"You guys should know that when I split tested a logo vs. no logo on my sales letter for Action PopUp it boosted sales by 44.4% -- 1.99% boosted to 3.57%. Total no-brainer decision. I paid 300 bucks gave me an EXTRA $600 bucks on top of the other sales (just from that logo) before the split test completed. Graphics work."

Forget Spending Money On Expensive Graphic Designers -- Now You Can Add A Logo To Your Site, Product Or Business In 5 Minutes Or Less -- Even If You Don't Have A "Graphics" Bone In Your Body!

(Using Only Easy-To-Use Software!)

(Read on to find out why Internet Marketers are calling this "An Essential"...)

Dear Sales-Seeking Marketer,

Look -- let's be honest.  I can't guarantee that you'll  get a 44% increase in sales like  Robert did -- just by putting a logo on your site ...

But I can guarantee that you can quickly and easily create a logo   -- and do it for a tiny fraction of the price that Robert paid (and probably a fraction of the time) -- and you can see what kind of difference it makes for you! 

Forget having to deal with the frustration -- and expense! -- of hiring a graphic designer to create your logo.   You'll find it so easy and quick (I'll show you how I created the logo for this site in less than 5 minutes) that you'll have confidence-inspiring logos on all your sites and products in no time at all...

And here's why you'd want to ... because logos are...

An Essential For Any Business....

If you've been around internet marketing for very long, you may remember a time before "e-covers" -- in fact, you may remember a time before people used any graphics on their websites.

But let's face it -- now they are essential.  They don't have to be big, or fancy, but there's something about seeing those graphics that tells and sells the visitor on an unconscious basis.  And it does it before they ever read a word on the website.

Simply put, graphics improve sales...

And so it is with logos -- and we're not just talking about web businesses.  Think about any business out there worth its salt -- from Nike to Exxon to Disneyland ... they ALL have logos -- simple, but high-impact graphics that instantly and unconsciously communicate their brand.

And, if you plan to be anything more than a fly-by-night operation, you need to build your brand.  If not today, soon...(check out your competitors -- either they have a logo -- or you can beat them to the punch ...)

So Why Don't You Have A Logo Now...?

1. Hiring A Designer Costs $150-$300-$500 and up!

When I decided to add logos to my business -- I saw it as so essential that I literally spared no expense.

I spent hundreds of dollars on expensive graphic designers and services to get them created.

But guess what?  I also found out that I needed more than one logo, for different parts of my business.

Hiring a graphic designer at $150, $300 and even $500 a pop gets very expensive, very quickly.

2. You Need To Find A Designer...

  • ... whose work you like,
  • ... who is available,
  • ... who you think you can work with --
  • ... and that you can afford!
And then -- there's still no guarantee that you'll be satisfied.

Because, after all, you need to communicate to the designer what you considered the "essentials", the "heartbeat", of your business.  Not so easy, and it takes time.  

So, if you aren't satisfied -- well, the graphic designer isn't likely to give you money back after they've spent their time on the project.

Money -- and time -- down the drain!

3. "Do It Yourself" Not An Option Because...

  • ... Graphics Software Is Expensive
  • ... There's a huge learning curve in learning that expensive software
  • ... You think (or know) you have no graphics talent
Well, hold on .. because what I'm about to tell you will blow those reasons out of the water completely...

Introducing ...

The 5 Minute Logo System


Andy Erickson

My name is Andy Erickson, the creator of the 5 Minute Logo System.   I build websites -- both for myself and for clients -- and I've been doing so for more than a few years.

So, over time, I've seen a lot of logos.  

As well as a lot of websites and companies that don't have them.  

And when you have seen as many websites as I have, you really start to see what a difference having a logo makes -- it's just a feeling you get when you first land on those websites that use logos.  

You take a deep breath, relax, and feel a bit more comfortable -- and unconsciously, the logo says -- "Now here's a website owner who really cares -- cares about his business, cares about what he's selling, cares about his customers."  

And that's how you want all the visitors to your websites to feel...

Problem was getting logos created was either
  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • Seemed to require  expensive software, that required a huge learning curve...
Or all of the above!  Not acceptable.  

Definitely not acceptable to use and create logos for all my sites!
But to do what I wanted to do -- I would need to find a way to 
  • create a lot more logos
  • create them more easily
  • create them more quickly...and, of course,
  • create them more cheaply!

I was convinced there's got to be a better way.  And there's...

What I Discovered...

  • I discovered that at least 90% of all logos follow a simple formula.  (And probably a lot higher than 90%!)

    Do the expensive graphic designers out there even realize this?  (If they don't, they are working waaaay too hard -- maybe that's why they charge so much!)
  • Using the simple formula -- you choose from the 3 basic "types" of logos.  
  • After deciding which "type" of logo you want to create ....

It Takes Just 2,3 or 4 Simple Decisions
To Make Your Awesome Logo!

That's It!

After that, you're done!  Easy!  (And it's fun, too!)

It Really Is Easier Than You Think!

Inside 5 Minute Logos you'll discover:

  • The "secret" formula for creating as many logos as you want, easily and rapidly.
  • 6 different ways you can use logos to enhance your bottom-line (including providing logos to others!)
  • See the secret formula in real life: Examples showing the formula in action -- for companies whose products you use every day.  Huge companies, with some of the most expensive brands in the world!
  • The 3 "types" of logos:
  • (Here's a sneak peak into what it takes to create each type...
    • For logo type #1 -- then you choose XXXXX, then you add YYYYY. (Two simple decisions)
    • Logo type #2 -- you choose XXXXX, select a WWWWW, then you add YYYYY. (Three simple decisions).
    • Logo type #3 -- you choose ZZZZZ, choose XXXXX, select a WWWWW, then you add YYYYYY. (Four simple decisions.)
  • Three different ways to create your own professional-looking logos in 5 minutes or less, no matter which "type" of logo you decide to create...
  • You'll get the full 65 minute Webinar with the above information -- as well as see the formula in action -- watch as I create a logo in front of your eyes --  in under 4 minutes and 33 seconds
  • You get the entire webinar:
    • as a high-quality MP4 video file (168 MB)
    • as an Ipod video (111 MB)
    • as an Audio-only MP3 for download (29.9 MB)
    • PDF / printable version of the webinar slides
    • ...And the full transcription of the webinar in PDF format is included!
  • The accompanying 34-page 5 Minute Logos Report where you'll get 
    • More logo creation examples
    • Step-by-step screenshots of the entire process
    • Additional tips not covered in the webinar
    • My list of recommended resources
    • The full "5 Minute Logos" process map


(See it for yourself in your copy of the webinar!)

At the beginning of my 5 Minute Logo Webinar, I asked everyone this question ....(and you can see how they answered ....)

question 1

Just a little over an hour later, I asked again ....

question after webinar

By the end of the webinar, 95% said they could now make a logo in less than 5 minutes!

(Keep going to find out what participants had to say about the webinar .. before they even got the slides or the pdf!)

Here's Exactly What You Get:

The "5 Minute Logos" Webinar

In this 65-minute video (a recording of a special training webinar I held for my IM Graphics Club members), I show you step-by-step how I create logos in under 5 minutes. Not only do I cover logo theory, the tools I use, and resources I recommend, but I do real-time demonstrations of the techniques I use.

This video will available to you in the following formats (the choice is yours!):

  • Watch it online (no need to download anything)
  • Download the high-quality MP4 video file (168 MB)
  • Download the Ipod video (111 MB)
  • Audio-only MP3 for download (29.9 MB)
  • PDF / printable version of the webinar slides
  • Full transcript of the webinar in PDF format

But I didn't stop there. Several students asked if I could provide a written guide to my methods, so you will also receive:

The "5 Minute Logos" Report (PDF)

This is the PDF version of all the information I covered in the webinar, and more. I distilled it all down to a no-fluff 34-page guide, and also included:

  • More logo creation examples
  • Step-by-step screenshots of the entire process
  • Additional tips not covered in the webinar
  • My list of recommended resources
  • The full "5 Minute Logos" process map

The last logo I had designed for me cost $300 - and I swore I'd never spend that kind of money on logos again.

The "5 Minute Logos" logo at the top of this page took me less than 5 minutes to make (the exact steps are documented in the report) - but even if it had taken 10 times that long (say, 50 minutes), I STILL would have been saving myself money at a rate of over $300 an hour!

(But you don't have to take my word for it...)

Customer Reviews

"I made these 2 logos super easy... I highly recommend your product." ~ Marlon Sanders

"I couldn't believe creating my own logos could be so dog gone simple..."

Andy, I also just finished reading your 5 minute logos report and was blown away. I couldn't believe creating my own logos could be so dog gone simple. I was fortunate enough to get someone to do one of my logos at a great price, but even at that price if I had logos created for all my niche sites I'd have a bill in the thousand of dollars. Like many others, I've just done without. You show some great examples of successful companies we're all familiar with that have predominantly all text logos, like Google. I appreciate you focusing us in on that.

Your suggestions and step by step directions are simple enough to follow that even my teenage daughter could handle it with ease. Every tool you suggest is free or under $100 and I can easily see myself creating my own logos following your explicit instruction. Thanks for a great report on a topic that many will find great benefit in.

John Paduchak

"This precise and concise course is a must for all marketers..."

Thanks for creating this invaluable guidebook on how to create logo in 5 minutes! I've found its content full of pin-pointed advice which every online and offline marketer should find most helpful when it comes to creating their own logos and graphics. Yes, come on, we just have to admit it – every one of us marketers must sooner or later master a certain degree of graphic knowledge in order to have the power in our own hands, the power of creating our own logo and then graphics, that is.

And this precise and concise course is a must for all marketers.

Not only does it waste no time nor energy in showing the exact what, why and how to, but also it leads us to the most useful and practical resources which make our jobs so much easier. Absolutely 100% highly recommended!

Dr. John Chen

"Ridiculously easy to follow..."

This report is fantastic! While I do some internet marketing part-time, I've got a full-time gig with my own brick-and-mortar business.

I've delayed getting a logo for my business for 3+ years, simply due to the cost. I've got an idea of what the logo should look like, but every graphic designer I've met with wanted $500-$3000 to do the job. Now, I can do the job myself, get exactly what I want, change it when I need to – for FREE! (Actually, I'll need the logodesigner software, but that cost is nothing compared to the cost of hiring a graphic designer!)

Thanks again for the report. You've taken a complicated subject and made it a ridiculously easy to follow step-by-step process. I'm off to work on my logo!

Nathan Williams

"You can indeed create a professional looking logo in 5 minutes...."

Andy you rock!

I am not a graphics designer, but I love creating my own graphics. And I'm always on the look out for tools to make things simpler. The instructions and recommended resources in this report are fabulous. I downloaded one of the tools and followed your detailed screenshots.

WOW, what a fun project. You can indeed create a professional looking logo in 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing your some of your graphics creation secrets with us non-techys.

Pat Davis

"Simply a no-brainer buy..."

Andy, I loved this report. It's not often I say that about any report but your 5-Minute Logos Report is really first class.

Unlike some other reports, there is absolutely no fluff. It's all super-relevant to your topic and even provides real food for thought – including the business case for having a logo at all.

I thought your three methods for creating a 5-Minute Logo were all clearly explained and practical options and definitely possible to do in your 5-minute deadline. No false claims there.

With the additional list of Resources you recommend at the end, this is simply a no-brainer buy. It's well worth the read and easy to put into action.

Debbie Benstein

"You've really broken down the logo creation process to simple basics..."

Good job, Andy…

I used to use a logo creator product years ago,and it cost me several hundred dollars,along with all the optional templates. In the end the end result was less than satisfactory. Since then I've basically done without logos, but now you have given me new hope that even this graphically challenged IM'er can whip up decent logos. I like the sound of that software program you mentioned, but I'll probably try doing one or two with my existing tools first. You've really broken down the logo creation process to simple basics.

Dennis Becker

"No BS, no fluff..."

The kind of report I love to read. Simple, straightforward and informative, A true example of how a report should be written. It covers the subject of Logos and how to create them quickly and inexpensively, in a very thorough and direct fashion.

No BS, no fluff and all the info required to get the job done without needing a 2nd mortgage to ‘brand' your product, service or site and without having to wade through ‘War and Peace' to get to the nitty-gritty. A first class report and one which any marketer worth their ‘chops' should have on their vitual bookshelf.

Ian Sneddon

"This is EXCELLENT!"

From your info about the importance of logos to the step-by-step directions for creating them, this is an excellent report that should be in every Internet Marketer's library. Thank you for making logos not only simple to understand but also easy to create!
Mike Howell

"Easily crank out custom logos all day long!"

Hi Andy, Just got done reading your 5 minute logo report and must say it was very inspiring! You've seemed to hit on a magic formula for small reports because I've completely changed my mind regarding logos. Let me explain.

I do some graphics work, ecovers and templates and have been asked multiple times to do a custom logo. I never thought I could pull it off…not enough creativity or confidence in myself. You've defined the process in a way that anyone with a basic knowledge in graphics can now easily crank out custom logos all day long!

After reading your report and taking a new look at the importance of having a custom logo for your site or product, I'll now make it a priority to do a logo for each of my sites and by using the resources and methods in your book…. I'll now not back away from doing a logo for my clients.

Scott Parat

"WOW! What a goldmine of great information!"

Your report lays out each step and makes it so easy to follow. And for me, it came at the perfect time, as I am working on creating some mini-sites this month. With your 5-Minute Logos Report I can easily create my own logos now.

Actually, I am off to create my first logo right now!

Adriana Copaceanu

How valuable is this all this to you?


  • No having to purchase expensive graphics software!
  • No long, frustrating learning curve
  • No having to pay a graphics designer 100s of dollars.
The 5 Minute Logo System can easily save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

So Andy, how much?

If I saved you from hiring just one graphic designer, that could be worth -- like it was to me, $300.  

If I save you from having to purchase Photoshop -- that's a savings of $699 !

So, if I asked you for $97 -- you can already see how the product would pay for itself.  Easily!

In fact, it wouldn't be unreasonable to charge $37 or even $47.

But if you purchase today, I can promise that you will get the entire 5 Minute Logo System for just


I know -- I must be crazy to let something so valuable go for so little.  

But here's why...

You see -- chances are, this is the first time we've met.  And I want to make that meeting memorable -- I want you to be totally blown away by the value you get.

And the feedback I've gotten is -- well, people have been saying that -- for this price, this is a must-have for any internet marketer.  A requirement for your internet marketing bookshelf.  Because, whether you want a logo now or not -- at some point, you'll find this information incredibly valuable.  Either for yourself, or for others.

And I'd hate for you to miss out.

Get Instant Access Now

Yes! Sign me up, I'm ready to learn the secrets of fast & easy logo creation!

I understand I'll get:

  • The 65-minute "5 Minute Logos" webinar recording (MP4, Ipod and MP3 formats)
  • The full transcript from the webinar in PDF format
  • The 34-page 5 Minute Logos Report (PDF)
  • Printable slides from the webinar (PDF)
  • Full "5 Minute Logos System" process map (PDF)

Get Your Copy Now For Only

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Look -- no matter what you are doing in internet marketing, the 5 Minute Logo System will be of value to you.

Whether you
  • use the system yourself,
  • give it to an outsourcer to use, or
  • even use it to create logos for others 
It can truly not only save you money, but save you amazing amounts of time ... time you could spend doing the things you really want to do in life -- whether it's creating new products, building your business, spending more time with your family, or just taking a much-needed vacation.  

No matter how you use this -- I have done my best to bring you the highest quality information that you can make use of immediately.

And I back it up, 100%, with my personal satisfaction guarantee.

Get 5 Minute Logos immediately -- and put it to the test.  Use it for a full 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact me and I'll promptly give you 100% of your money back.

5 Minute Logos / IM Graphics Club

P.S. --  I've gotten rave reviews since I first released this product.  And based upon those reviews, I'm not sure how long I can keep offering the 5 Minute Logo System at just $27.00. So why not pick it up while you're still thinking about it? -- 

P.P.S. -- If you care about your business, at some point you'll want a logo. Maybe you'll decide that you want to pay a graphics designer hundreds of dollars.  And that's fine.  But before you do -- don't you want to at least know about other, cheaper (and often just as effective) options are?  Do you really want to risk forgetting about this site?  Remember, your purchase is backed up by my complete satisfaction guarantee.  Get your copy now!

System Requirements Information:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDFs, and a computer with QuickTime, Itunes, or other media player installed to view the video training.

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